The American Rosie Movement

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Rosies: Young and Old

Rosies are an American treasure. As you look for these women in your community and throughout America, simply ask, “What did you do in World War II?”. Almost every time, you will be surprised and enlightened from what you learn. If you are able to interview a Rosie, be sure to get her permission and ask her for any pictures of herself as a young woman, and take a picture of you with her now. Looking for Rosies is truly an American treasure hunt, since our time is very short. Rose Shelengian is an example, she died of COVID-19 in late 2020. You will be thankful for having known a Rosie while you could. To see and hear stories of some of actual Rosies, please visit our Rosies page on
Rosie Rose Shelengian scaled
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Working with Rosies

The Official ARM Documentary

The Today Show: Thanking Rosies