The American Rosie Movement

Our Vision

Together, we build on America’s ability to adapt.  When you take part in the American Rosie Movement™, you don’t just learn about history.   You participate in a movement rooted in America’s ability to break through challenging boundaries to move forward today.

Together, we are grounded in experiential learning.  By working with some of America’s strongest, experienced women, you learn by doing with all kinds of people.  From local projects to a national movement, you create something bigger that shows we use our freedom to advance.

Together, we improve lives as well as communities, our nation, and the world.  The American Rosie Movement™ promotes informed civic engagement, and you are a collaborator in finding and knowing Rosies and determining how their legacy and the American Rosie Movement™ will impact us now and in the future.

We find ways to connect people.  Your work may not be loudly publicized, but you and others will know that, whether you work behind-the-scenes or in the spotlight, you are helping to use the potential of the human family to face challenges.