The American Rosie Movement

THANK PEOPLE WHO Thank You For doing Rosie Work

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“Thanks!” is often asked how we are surviving the pandemic.  Our work was made possible from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and the federal American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 through the West Virginia Humanities Council.   Any views, findings, conclusions for recommendations do not necessarily represent those of the West Virginia Humanities Council or the National Endowment for the Humanities .”

The American Rosie Movement is real because people and organizations in many places are participating in interviewing Rosies and doing projects that say to the world “we’re pulling together to do work that needs to be done.”

Labor day is the most important time of the year for all of us to show what we accomplish when we pull together.

In September 2021, so many people helped us celebrate Rosies in six model Rosie communities, that we cannot name them all.

One group that stands out is the city of Washington D.C. where the Department of Aging and Community Living found six new Rosies for us who were above 100 years old. Now, we are asking many cities across America to follow Washington’s lead.

Wherever you are, you can connect to other Americans, as all of us learn the meaningful stories of Rosies and find ways to create projects that improve our communities and America’s image. 

Below is a small percentage of people who have helped us since 2008, when we started interviewing and working with Rosies to apply their legacy to today.    

    • AFL/CIO, various locations
    • American Legion Auxiliary, Brunswick, MD, Philadelphia, other locations)
    • American Legion (Several locations)
    • American Rosie the Riveter Association, AL
    • American University, School of Public Affairs
    • Anthony Fowler, US Dept of Education and SMART
    • Becky Schergens, Outreach Coordinator, Women’s History Museum, Washington
    • Berry Fox, Marble \King
    • Betty Williams
    • Billy Burdette, Music Teacher
    • Blenko Glass
    • Bonnie Squires
    • Boy’s State, WV
    • Carol Fine
    • Ceryl Johns, Lt. Col (retired), son of Elsie Johns London Defense Worker
    • Charles Belcher
    • City of Burnswick, MD
    • City of Huntington, WV
    • City of Philadelphia, Mayor and Commission on Women
    • City of Washington, DC
    • City of Winchester, KY
    • County of Frederick, MD
    • DAR:  various chapters
    • Maryland Bluebird Society
    • Edgewood Summit, Senior Resident Community
    • E. Faye Williams Ph.D., National Conference for Black Women
    • Embassies, Washington (Belgium, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom)
    • Four Chaplains Chapel, Philadelphia
    • Frank Mehring, Ph.D.
    • General Federation of Women’s Clubs (Washington, Philadelphia, and WV)
    • Girl Scouts of America (Washington DC and several states)
    • Hugo Keesing, Ph.D.
    • Independence National Park (Liberty Bell), Philadelphia, PA
    • Jay Wertz, historian, publisher, film maker, Los Angeles
    • Jewell Matthews, Distinguished West Virginian
    • Jewish Women International (JWI), Washington DC
    • Jodie Bollinger, Director, Economic Development, Frederick County, MD
    • Joe Geiger, WV Culture and History
    • Joey Wiseman, WV Dept. of Education
    • Johanna Dunlap, Amtrak tour guide
    • Joi Spraggins, Ph.D.
    • Julie Tessiatore
    • Karen Nance, Historian
    • Katharine Antolini, Ph.D., American History Professor
    • Kathy Kremnitzer, MD Bluebird Society
    • Kelly Chapman, Dance Studio
    • Kyle Warmack, WW II factory historian, videographer
    • Liberation Route Europe, Brussels, Belgium
    • Lisa Hughes
    • Maarten Vossen, Nijmegen, Netherlands
    • Martin Luther King, Jr. Association for Nonviolence
    • Masha Vasilkovsky, artist and animator, CA 
    • Deanna Kindred, Lexington KY
    • National Association of Manufacturing
    • National Cathedral, Washington, DC
    • National Liberation Museum, 1944-45, Groesbeek, Netherlands
    • Nick Withrow, College Student Advocate
    • Norman Ferrell, IT specialist and veteran
    • Olive Dadismon, Director, Anna Jarvis House
    • Pamela McCoy, General Federation of Women’s Clubs (WV President)
    • Patricia Radney, DAR, VA
    • Pentagon, Amy Burrison
    • President’s Church, Quincy, MA
    • Robert Seabird Institute (RCBI)
    • Rosemary Smith, Col, USAF (retiring)
    • Sandy James, retired teacher
    • Sun Vega, Active Duty and photographer
    • Sally Steranko, artist, military wife, Fort Meade, MD
    • Shanti DeJong, Washington, DC
    • Sharla Rousch, Ph.D., Arlington, VA
    • SMART (advocates of STEM development)
    • SPIRIT of ’45. 
    • Sri Ghosh, Ph.D.
    • Steelworkers Organization of Active Retirees
    • Stephen Riner, American History Teacher
    • Suni Vega, Photographer 
    • Tijah Bumgarner, Videographer
    • Tim Hill, Col. Assistant Sec. of the Army, Installations, Energy and Environment
    • Tim Wilson, Veteran, Brunswick, MD
    • US Department of Labor, Women’s Bureau, Washington
    • US Department of State (help with activities in Allied Nations)
    • US Park Service (Liberty Bell, Netherlands Carillon, Rosie the Riveter WWII Home Front National Park)
    • Wael Zatar, Ph.D, Dean of Engineering and Computer Sciences, Marshall U.
    • Walt Lovett, father of children who help with art, planting trees, etc.
    • City of Washington DC, Office of Mayor Muriel Bowser, Women’s Policy and Initiatives
    • Wesley Enhancement Center, Media, PA
    • West Virginia Dept. of Education (via Joey Wiseman)
    • West Virginia Humanities Council
    • West Virginia Women’s Work
    • Women in Film and Video, Washington, DC
    • Women in Military Service to America (WIMSA), Arlington, VA
    • Woodlands Retirement Center
    • WV Culture and History (via Joe Geiger)
    • WV Humanities Council
    • West Virginia University, Veterans’ Affair
    • Wings over Wendy’s, Los Angeles
    • Zach Brewster, Ph.D., Sociologist, MI

Veterans:  Rosies always want to include vets.  Some of many more are: 

  • Amy Burrison, the Pentagon
  • Bill Kaemmer, Chapel of the Four Chaplains
  • Brunswick Maryland American Legion
  • Hershel “Woody” Williams
  • John Haulotte, US Army
  • Kenny Smith
  • Miles Epling
  • Ronald Kelemen, US Navy
  • Ronald Wroblewsky
  • Rosemary Smith, Col.   US Air National Guard
  • Tim Wilson
  • Troy Whitakeer
  • William Bonnett, Capt. US Navy, (Retired)

Some Rosies were also vets (Buddie Curnutte, Mary Lou Maroni, “Junior” Wood.)