The American Rosie Movement

We started finding and working with Rosies in a rural state, West Virginia, to prove that Americans-north, east, south, and west – pull together to do what needs to be done.

After interviewing about 60 Rosies who had worked nationwide, then partnering with groups in large cities, we saw that many people and places deeply appreciate Rosie stories, and they want to help leave a lasting record of the importance of Rosies.

So, in Phase I, we prepared for the American Rosie Movement to allow all who believe in freedom to join in a large, sincere movement to show that, together, we can do more with the blessings we have.

Today, many places, projects, partnerships, and people like you see the value in what one Rosie said as she helped to design a Rosie the Riveter Park,

“We pulled together then. We can do it again. It’s our only hope.”


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