Be part of this historic movement,

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The Rosie Legacy™: Pulling together to do highest-quality work
to preserve our freedom and use it wisely.

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The tow boat represents the hard work that Rosies have done and are still doing to help America go where it needs to go. You are important in the American Rosie Movement, whether your contribution is large or small.

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Be prepared to give thanks to our Rosies starting at Thanksgiving!

Help us find our Rosies and do projects in your community that pull us together.

Who Are Rosies?

Rosies are women who worked at thousands of jobs during World War II, in order to shorten and win the war.

As they worked in factories, farms, defense companies’ offices, shipyards, and other places, they did highest-quality work to protect our freedom.



They are often called “Rosie the Riveters”, but many were not riveters, so they simply like to be called “Rosies”.

Today, Rosies are above 90 years old. Our time is short to do an excellent job of pulling together to keep the Rosie legacy alive.

Gladys Snyder

Check Out Our September 3rd Celebration at Washington D.C.

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"All work is important" - Hilda McDougald (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communications Specialist 1st Class Torrey W. Lee)
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You can see more September 3rd photos at:

Who Are You?

Are you someone who believes that people can pull together to face problems?

If so, you may have a role in the
American Rosie Movement™.

I'm Lea,
and I'm ready.

Americans are starting to prepare for Thanksgiving by saying “Give thanks to our Rosies.” Show what you will do to make 2022 the year of our Rosies! Help find the Rosies who have never been thanked. Its very likely that some are still left in your community. If you can’t find them you can still do a project in your community that will make a statement for the real meaning of Rosies.

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Titles: “Illuminate” and “I’m ready”

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Who's In The American Rosie Movement™?

Ada England welding ships on the West Coast. 

Rosies: Then, Now, and Forever

When Rosies worked in World War II, they had lived through the Great Depression. Those who were the oldest then are deceased now.

Who are Rosies today? Rosies are wise, fascinating, old women who tell the fuller story of war, women’s equality, changes in work and communications and what they want to contribute to America now, for the future.

Each woman tells the human side of war – their work, their fears, their loves, their losses, their sacrifices, their hope for themselves and their families, and how those war years changed their lives and ours.

When all their stories are combined, the Rosies give a bigger message: “When we changed our lives to pull nations together we open the doors for women, men, and children to face new problems together.”

Your participation in the American Rosie Movement will help you:

A. Tell about the effects of war on people at home, during and after war.

B. Look for ways to pull together to face new problems. 

What Will You Do to Know and Grow the Rosie Legacy™?

Choose what you want to do, and do it well.

Do a Project

You can replicate or improve the many projects that have been done in multiple locations. However, you may want to do something very different from what we have already done. And remember, ARM promotes our freedom to create solutions to our problems. 

You can view a list of projects that “Thanks!” has already done here.


Reach out. Contact people, organizations, and leaders that care about unifying to do quality work. Remember, this is what the Rosies did, and we have to keep doing it. You can welcome them into the American Rosie Movement™ if they are willing to pull together.


Look for Rosies, preserve their stories, and do work that keeps the Rosie legacy going.

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Dot Finn being interviewed about her work as a Rosie  and her work with the public to create projects that bring the Rosie Legacy alive.

Learn more about Rosies and the American Rosie Movement at the Thanks! Plain and Simple

website by clicking the button below.

When Will You Start?

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Start as soon as you can. The real legacy of the Rosies is to pull together. 

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This film will help lay a foundation for your own part in the American Rosie Movement.

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Examples of Excellent "Rosie Work"

See Model Projects, Model People, and Model Places for ideas on how to start.

For more projects we have done with many partners, 

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Why the American Rosie Movement™ is needed now

The public wants to pull together, but they face these major barriers:
  1. People don’t see something that is worth unifying around – we want to unite around something that is clearly worthwhile and needed
  2. People don’t know what they can do together – we help fit your work into a larger picture.
  3. People don’t know how to get started to do what they choose to do – we will help guide you, so you can guide others;
ARM meets these needs because it:
  1. Gives people a reason to unify – To honor a Rosie and keep their legacy alive
  2. Offers people a choice of thing to do – To create something meaningful that you choose to do.
  3. Guides people to know how to take action – To be proud of that what you do fits into a movement that pulls people together and keeps moving on!
Benefits to us all are:
  1. Rosies are as fascinating, unexpected, welcome, authentic leaders.
  2. People connect to one another through:
    • Human stories that transcend time and place
    • Taking action that becomes part of a bigger, meaningful whole effort
    • Procedures that get us working together to face new problems
  3. America needs to include and work with seniors to be a healthy democracy.

Why ARM meets people's needs now and into the future

Reasons we continue to succeed are:

  1. The people are ready for a movement that does not blame but teaches us to build.
  2. Rosies are refreshing, fascinating, unlikely leaders.
  3. It’s time for women to be recognized for what they do well – pull things together.
  4. We have not been under the control of people who seek short-term fame or flash.
  5. We work in phases to develop a solid movement:
    • Phase I – Proved people will do positive, lasting things that need to be done.
    • Phase II – This is where we are now – we invite you to invite many more to join in working with Rosies while we can.
    • Phase III – This will start in 2014 – it will keep building on the Rosie Legacy™ into the future.
  6. The Rosie Legacy™ is to pull together to do quality work to use our freedom to face new problems. It is a process that combines modern technology and human direction.
  7. Because of COVID, people are aware that we must pull together to solve our common problems
  8. People learn by doing, interacting, and creating, if they are committed to finding ways to continuously improve themselves and their place in the world.
  9. All kinds of people, places, and organizations combine to do what they should to show their belief that people not only can, but will, pull together to face our problems.

This quote by Margaret Meade has kept us inspired:

“Don’t ever say that a small group of committed citizens cannot change the world. 

Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

The American Rosie Movement™ is having an impact now that will continue into the future.

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We pull better when we pull together™!

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