The American Rosie Movement

Welcome to your The American Rosie Movement Registration Quiz

What was the war that Rosie the Riveters help to win?

What work did Rosies do during the war?

What two forces fought each other?

How old are Rosies today?

What motivated Rosies?

What other countries also employed women to help win the war?

Why did Rosies choose the dogwood as the tree to represent them?

What other projects can you choose to do to keep the Rosie Legacy going?

How can you teach others about Rosies and their legacy?

Where did Rosies work?

What work can I do to advance the American Rosie Movement?

Why did Rosies choose bluebirds as the bird to represents them?

What is the Rosie Legacy?

How does the American Rosie Movement differ from famous social movements?

How is life today different from when Rosies were young?

How is life today the same as when Rosies worked during the war?

How many women were Rosies?