The American Rosie Movement

A rosie moment | give “thanks!” for our rosies

We would love to hear your Rosie stories. Your story can either be about a moment with a Rosie or a moment with a Rosie supporter. Record your story on a cell phone or a digital recorder. Make it 4-to-6 minutes long. Talk naturally.  The goal is to help others to see Rosies as real people. 

Give us:

  • Your name, where you live (add your profession, if it’s important).
  • Name the Rosie (or the Rosie helper) you are going to talk about,
  • Briefly describe the Rosie or the Rosie-supporter (looks, tone of voice, personality, etc.),
  • Tell what the Rosie did during the war,
  • Tell your story of the Rosie or her supporter,
  • Describe how you felt about that Rosie Moment,
  • Tell what your Rosie Moment means to you and others today,
  • Optional:  Say why you are thankful for Rosies.

Tips:  Record in a quiet place.  Just talk as though you were telling a best friend about a Rosie Moment. Stories can be humorous, if they are also respectful.  Make your tone of voice fit the meaning of your story. 

Please post your story on our website or email:

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