The American Rosie Movement


Kathy Krimnitzer

Bluebirds represent “hope” to Rosie, from music during World War II, such as Somewhere over the Rainbow, the Bluebird of Happiness and several other songs.   Kathy (in the center) oversaw the installation of the Bluebirds for Rosies Trail in Brunswick, MD.  This photo was taken at the Brunswick Campground with Rosie, Ruth Kline Staples, …

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Consuella Mackey

Consuella Mackey, Executive Director of the Operation Confidence, a nonprofit organization committed to uplifting disabled veterans.    We are on her show, Our Invisible Heroes, every-other week to present Rosies, Rosie advocates and Rosie projects.  From Los Angeles, she reveals that people will pull together to do projects that are an example of the Rosie Legacy™. …

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Bill Kaemmer

Bill Kaemmer, Executive Director of the Chapel of the Four Chaplains in Philadelphia. He has been Master of Ceremonies at several events in Washington and Philadelphia, has honored Rosies in many ways, and has educated various partners to help America pull together for the American Rosie Movement. Currently, Bill is helping us plan a ceremony to …

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