The American Rosie Movement

Our “Buddie”







November 17, 2021

Yesterday was the end of an era with our Rosies. “Buddie” Curnutte, whose character and personality helped to shape the American Rosie Movement, was buried after a ceremony in this modest, sincere church within walking distance of her home in a small town near Charleston, WV.

We first met Buddie in 2010.  When we interviewed her for our documentary film called, “We Pull Together: Rosie the Riveters Then and Now,” she looked straight at the camera and told of her love and trust in America, even though she was worried that we would not pull together again. Buddie’s help was so significant in making major decisions as we progressed through ups and downs, that I could not stay through the funeral without crying out loud. That powerful moment of emotion will pass. However, we fully intend to write stories and films that will connect people in many countries, as well as the United States.

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