The American Rosie Movement

A Message From Our Founder, Anne Montague

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The American Rosie Moment™ gives you the chance to do something you want to do to help pull America together. We provide this page for you to share your ideas, photos, questions, and successes with your community and the rest of the world. We are excited about your participation because you are the driving force in the American Rosie Movement™.”

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Welcome to the American Rosie Movement Discussion Board!

Your ideas, questions, and actions are critical to the success of the American Rosie Movement.

Some of you will work alone, especially those who are going to write music, or create a piece of art that expresses the meaning of Rosies. However, often, projects require you to work with others, such as an organization you may belong to, or members of your community. Sometimes, projects will require your taking time to plan, find the right resources, and do the work that you are going to be proud to show to others.

This discussion page allows you to interact with others and to show your vision of what you plan to do or are doing. For example, you might list ideas or projects, suggest writing campaigns to leaders in business, government, and leaders of different kinds, ask for help, or document some of the behind-the scenes work that you are doing.

As you join the discussions and weigh in with your thoughts, please be aware that purpose of the American Rosie Movement is to be thankful for using our freedom to work together.

We at “Thanks!” offer you our ideas and our experiences, but it’s up to the people to show what we can do if we consider this time in human history as an opportunity, even though there will be problems that we will need to overcome together.”

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