The American Rosie Movement

An Open Letter to Halla Tomasdottir and B-Team Leaders

TO: Halla Tomasdottir (previous President of Iceland) and B-Team Leaders

RE: New kind of social movement that gets work done by modelling oldest, proven women

After 15 years of solid work with women who have been ignored and misunderstood, I am now heading an international movement.  Let us find how to work together to reach a higher level for society, with women and men as complements – no blaming or bashing, just doing what should be done.

I am 84, disabled, a woman, world-travelled, well educated, and a very serious citizen (an INFP/J on the Myers-Briggs scale).  Starting 15 years ago, I began a program to interview women (usually in their 90s) who worked on the home front during WWII.  Soon, I realized that these women (often called Rosie the Riveters) are far more than history – they are models who show us how to unite to do high-quality work to achieve something bigger today.

We do not blame or ask why; instead, we find ways to get people of diverse origins and persuasions to work together to complete projects that meet the criteria of the Rosie Legacy. Many projects improve communities and schools, many incorporate the arts, and all are meant to be replicated and improved on by others.  Our forte is know-how, show-how, creativity that is implemented with high standards.

Some Problems:

–  The media ignores us because we are humble, cooperative, creative, and future-oriented.
–  Without the media, rich and influential people do not know about us.
–  We are very selective in who we ask to join our team.
–  We work in Phases (see our website); and this movement is Phase II of three phases.
–  We work in West Virginia, where the people are slow-lane, while we must work fast.
–  Traditional leaders don’t know what to do with us, despite great successes (but the people love to participate).

Some Successes:

–  Our work is meaningful, needed, unifying and very timely.
–  We develop and promote model people, places and project for others to follow and go beyond.
–  We produce not protest, which changes the system because “the people” decide and act.
–  Our 20 different projects are being replicated, adapted, and increased internationally.
–  We have a fine, selected team, and it is growing.
–  Even though Rosies are diminishing (they are above 94 now); our process is lives on.
–  We have high potential to tie to for-profit work, legally and efficiently.

May we meet by Zoom between June 18 and 25?  I will be in New York City in early July. 

I will be in New York City within a month.


Anne Montague,
Founder and Vice President
Thanks! Plain and Simple, Inc.

Below are photos of our last celebration with the Embassy of the Netherlands.

Here is a link to see more photos.

A video of our naming schoolrooms for Rosies including our copyrighted music.

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