The American Rosie Movement

Kendra Fox

Kendra Fox. Now a 9th grader, Kendra was the first person to ring a bell for Rosies when she was a Girl Scout Brownie. Kendra is a shy teen who plans a book about how she helped to begin the Ring a Bell for Rosies event where people in several nations ring a bell for Rosies on Labor Day and when a Rosie project is completed. She was seven then. Her sincere personality is clear in this Recent video:

Kendra Fox today and in 2015 The display on the right was adapted from a photo sent to us by the Freedom Museum in Nijmegen, Netherlands. It is now in two classrooms—the 6th and 11th grades at Gilmer County High School in Glenville, WV. We started naming school rooms in a smaller school and will grow the program this year and next.

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