The American Rosie Movement

Ring a Bell for Rosies

“Ring a Bell for Rosies” is a unifying event across America and in other nations on Labor Day weekend.  Please ring a bell to honor American women who worked on the home front during WWII.  

They are often called Rosies the Riveters, but they prefer to be called “Rosies”, since most were not riveters – they welded ships, cut metals, inspected lenses and machine parts, kept records, trained pilots, broke codes, grew and processed food for our troops, and much more. Also, the American Rosie Movement is Rosie (meaning positive). 

Rosies’ wish is to be known for pulling together to do highest-quality work for freedom and to do it in a spirit of cooperation. Thanks! Plain and Simple, Inc. launched the American Rosie Movement to involve people not to complain or protest, but to create projects for diverse people to pull together.  

Anytime on or near Labor Day works. Any size bell will do – handbell, a church bell or a carillon. Do take a photo or video and send it to

In the meantime, if you know anyone above 96 years old, simply ask them, “What did you do in World War II?” and refer them to us.

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